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Residential and Commercial Septic and Sewer System Maintenance
Septic Tank Cleaning, Sewer Jet Cleaning and More

John F. Singer, Inc. offers septic tank cleaning, pumping and repair to residents of Shickshinny, PA, and the surrounding areas. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years, depending on the size of your household. Larger commercial or industrial facilities using a septic system may benefit having their septic tank pumped or cleaned more often to ensure the system is functioning properly.
Septic tank cleaning removes all sludge, solids and water from the tank. When neglected, the tank may overfill and can crack or burst, causing bacteria and waste to contaminate the groundwater and land. Whether you just need routine cleaning, or septic tank repairs, call on John F. Singer, Inc. at (570) 542-2262 for an appointment. It is best to know how to locate your tank, as some problems may be easily solved after quick inspection.
Like septic tanks, sewer lines also need regular cleaning and maintenance to lessen the chance of drain clogs or waste backups. John F. Singer, Inc. offers jet cleaning services for drains and sewer lines in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and the surrounding areas Clogged drains can result in waste backups, foul smells and thousands of dollars in sewer line repairs if neglected. John F. Singer, Inc. offers residential, commercial and municipal sewer line and drain cleaning services to the following Luzerne County areas:
  • Kingston
  • Dallas
  • Shavertown
  • Plains
  • Luzerne
  • & the Surrounding Areas
Sand mounds are types of drain fields that are above the surface. Sand mound systems are common where soil or bedrock is shallow and where there is high groundwater. If you need sand mound repair in Scranton, PA, or the surrounding areas, call on John F. Singer, Inc. Our experienced staff will be out at any time, day or night, to have your sand mound system up and running again.
From septic pumps, to sump pumps, trust John F. Singer, Inc. for pump replacement and repair. In some cases, the area may just need cleaned or a breaker could have tripped causing the pump alarm to sound. When the repair appears to be too extensive, contact John F. Singer, Inc. We offer Gould pumps and other top-rated brands for replacement and repair parts, along with years of experience and knowledge.